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Casa Hogar Los Angelitos

Casa Hogar Los Angelitos (CHLA) is a unique children’s home. Children from infancy and up find a safe place of healing to call home.  Helping each child, regardless of previous circumstances, reach his or her full potential and dreams is the guiding principle. To break the cycle of poverty and positively change the life of each child is the ultimate goal. CHLA provides 24-hour care in a family-like setting, with emotional, mental and medical care, education, spiritual foundation, English and Expressive Arts classes. 

Education is a proven avenue to breaking the cycle of poverty. All school age children at CHLA attend school. Accommodations are made for those with learning disabilities and full-time tutors are provided for all children. Children are not sent back to the streets at a certain age but are encouraged to stay in school and to follow their dreams. After high school, students are encouraged to go to trade school or university. 

“One of the things we teach our children is to give back. Our children go out and help other people.” 


Children from Casa Hogar bring clean water and food to families who labor long hours in the fields and live in makeshift tents made of plastic garbage bags. According to Nystrom, this outreach effort continues to grow and the orphanage has fed, literally, thousands of people.

Nancy Nystrom

Service Opportunities

Every year volunteers visit Manzanillo to spend time with the children at Casa Hogar and to support TCF with service projects.  


The Ballistic Volleyball Club in Broomfield, CO brings a group of young athletes every Summer to practice and teach the philosophy of Shatter Expectations. These trips are profound for the athletes and the children alike.

If you are interested in bringing a group to Mexico to support Casa Hogar Los Angelitos, email us at

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